The swifter you introduce your web site, the faster your ideas will go live. That is why, we’ve crafted a superb number of more than 800 bonus design themes that are listed in our Web Control Panel. You don’t need to devote a long time browsing galleries of similar themes and wishing that you’re going to get a particular style for your website. All the templates are absolutely easy to customize and are obtainable with each of our cloud web hosting accounts.

The templates are focused on diverse subjects and activities. We provide themes that are made for individual sites like blogs as well as for company websites, like e–shops. The vast majority of themes are readily available only with Corporate Hosting Solutions’s website hosting services, and this gives you the cabability to have a completely unique style and design for your site.

800+ Bonus Design Themes

Completely customizable. Automatic Installation

To save you time in selecting the best appearance for your site, we have launched a number of over 800 bonus design themes in the Corporate Hosting Solutions Control Panel. The templates are created to address distinct subjects and needs – you will discover web templates for both personal sites like blogs or portfolios and enterprise websites or online shops.

All of our bonus design themes are offered with both the Best Web Applications and the Simple Web Site Installer. Consequently you can actually install the theme you want on a brand–new site within seconds.

Free Website Themes

Bonus Application Design Themes

Find bonus design themes for your next web app

We’ve made many tools (the Simple Web Site Installer, our Best Web Applications and then the Free Web Site Generation Application), readily available for free within the Corporate Hosting Solutions Control Panel, that can help you install a new web app like Joomla or Wordpress within seconds. Throughout the set up, it is possible to decide on a custom made template which is to be placed on your website right away.

We have bonus design themes for the following web apps: Wordpress, Joomla, Moodle (e–learning), Mambo (CMS) and 4Images (image gallery).

Free App Themes

Bonus Site Builder Design Themes

100+ perfectly simple to customize bonus design themes

From the Corporate Hosting Solutions Control Panel, you will get the ability to access Corporate Hosting Solutions’s Free Web Site Generation Application tool, featuring over 100 distinctive web site templates. Every theme is included with 2 diverse layouts as well as some coloring selections. You’re free to modify these web templates how you want.

You shouldn’t have to possess any kind of experience with HTML as well as CSS to change the designs with our Website Installer. All the work is made through the built–in editor, which is really simple to use.

Free Site Builder Themes